Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. represents more than 30 exceptional manufacturers of HVAC equipment. We partner with manufacturers that are known throughout the industry as being leaders in innovation while providing equipment that maximizes energy efficiency and reliability. Our product mix allows us to provide our clients with packages, systems, and solutions. See our current list of manufacturers below. For more information on the manufacturer or the products offered, click the logo to visit their website. For additional information or pricing, contact your local SAI office.


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    Air/Air Energy Recovery
    Air Conditioners
    Air Curtains
    Air Displacement Ventilation
    Air Handling Units (AHU)
    Air Purification
    Air Separators
    Automatic Control Flow Valves
    Balancing Valves
    Blowdown Tanks
    Boiler Feed Pumps
    Boiler Room Accessories
    Boilers - Condensing
    Boilers - Electric
    Boilers - Firetube
    Boilers - High Efficiency
    Boilers - High & Low Pressure
    Boilers - Hot Water
    Boilers - LoNOx
    Boilers - Steam
    Boilers - Waste Heat
    Boilers - Watertube
    Burners - Atmospheric & Power
    Centrifugal Separators
    Chemical Free Water Treatment
    Chilled Beam Systems
    Chillers - Air & Water Cooled
    Chillers - Specialty & Modular
    Classroom Air Handlers
    Clean Steam Generators
    Condensate Pumps
    Console Units
    Cooling Towers – Factory Assembled
    Cooling Towers - Field Erected
    Custom Air Handling Units
    Deaerators / Boiler Feed Systems
    Dehumidification Systems
    Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
    Duct Furnaces
    Electric Heaters
    Electric Duct Heaters
    Electric Make-up Air Units
    Electric Unit Heaters
    Energy Recovery Units
    Energy Wheels
    Evaporative Condensers
    Exhaust Fans
    Exhaust Silencers
    Expansion Tanks
    Fan Coil Units
    Feed Water Heaters
    Filtration - Air
    Filtration - Fluid
    Finned Tube Radiation
    Flash Separators / Tanks
    Flow Valves
    Fluid Coolers
    Fluid Purification
    Fresh Air Ventilators
    Gas Detectors
    Geothermal Equipment
    Geothermal Heap Pumps
    Glycol AutoFill Units
    Harmonic Filters
    Heat Exchangers
    Heat Pump Chillers
    Heat Recovery Systems
    Heat Transfer Products
    High Percentage Outside Air Units
    Hot Water Heaters - Condensing
    Hot Water Heaters - High Efficiency
    Humidification Systems
    Hydraulic Separators
    Hydronic Specialties
    Indirect Water Heaters
    Infrared Heating Systems
    Line Reactors
    Magnetic Bearing Compressors
    Make-up Air Units
    Mechanical Rooms - Factory Assembled
    Mini Split Systems
    Mission Critical Air Cooling Equipment
    Modular Air Handling Units
    Motor Protection Filters
    Multipurpose Valves
    Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology
    Oil-Free Centrifugal Compressors
    Outside Air Systems
    Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC)
    Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
    Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV)
    Pump Packages
    Radiant Heaters
    Rental Equipment
    Rooftop Units (RTU)
    Replacement Parts
    Sand Filter Systems
    Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters
    Service - Factory Authorized
    Solar Roof Top Units
    Split Systems
    Steam Accumulators
    Steam Separators
    Steam Traps
    Supply Fans
    Tanks: Water Storage
    Tanks: Solar
    Temperature Control Valves
    Thermal Storage
    Unfired Steam Boilers
    Unit Heaters
    Unit Ventilators
    Variable Frequency / Speed Drives (VFD)
    Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes
    Vent Condensers
    Ventilation Equipment
    Vertical Stack Fan Coil Units
    Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pumps
    Wastewater Treatment Products
    Water Filtration
    Water Heating Systems
    Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP)
    Water Treatment - Chemical Free