1962 – The Beginning
The late Roger G. Anderson founded the R.G. Anderson Company in 1962.  Established as a manufacturer’s representative, the company supplied a variety of commercial HVAC products.  The R.G. Anderson Company provided equipment for a vast array of buildings throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  Many of the major hospitals gained air conditioning by means of retrofitting old cast iron radiators with packaged terminal air conditioners with the help of R.G. Anderson.  Another claim to fame for R.G. Anderson is that they were the first equipment supplier to promote and pioneer the decentralized water source heat pump system in the area.  By 1999, they were responsible for over 300 projects with an installed tonnage of more than 60,000 tons.

1999 – The Merge
In the year 1999, R.G. Anderson Company merged with another prosperous local company, Stoermer Equipment Co. and together they formed Stoermer-Anderson, Inc.   Stoermer Equipment Co. had served the area for nearly 20 years, providing equipment for HVAC applications, as well as steam plants and central utility plants.  Combining the knowledge, experience and expertise of these two companies along with each of their noteworthy lists of represented manufacturers, success was inevitable.  Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. became a comprehensive supplier of equipment to the commercial HVAC, industrial, institutional, and power generation markets throughout the tri-state area.

2013 – New Acquisition
Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. had a very exciting year in 2013 with the acquisition of the J.H. Ballenger Company.  This endeavor resulted in a new manufacturing partnership with the biggest name in the boiler industry – Cleaver-Brooks.  Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. not only gained a phenomenal boiler/burner/controls line; we also gained a knowledgeable group of sales and service personnel to add to our team.  This new venture also expanded our sales territory in Kentucky and we now have a fourth sales office located in Louisville.  This latest milestone in the history of Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. brings endless opportunities for us as we continue to flourish into the future.

2018 - New Ownership
Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. announced new leadership in late 2018. Previous owner Steve Gammeter sold the business in preparation for his future retirement. Steve has been with the company since the "R.G. Anderson" days. The new owners of SAI include Lisa Hatfield, Keith Walters and Tom Schmidt. All three have been with SAI for roughly 20 + years, excelling in both sales and management. We are still the same Stoermer-Anderson, Inc. you have come to rely on over the years for commercial & industrial HVAC projects. Our new team leaders are focused on continuing and enhancing our commitment to customer service. Their goal is to maintain "customers for life."